AI to generate charts - dall-e-3 alternatives?

Community users will be familiar with the nice set of charts offered by Glide. However, we all know they are really very limited. is also quite limiting. I wondered if a workaround would be to use an AI integration to generate custom charts on the fly.

I ran a little test using Chat-GPT-4o on the web. The results are really nice. For example:

Looks like if you have the right prompt - for example using JSON input - and GPT as the model then the results can be quite good.

However, when I move to Glide and then use the AI integration text to image, it seems I can only use the model dall-e-3, which tends to hallucinate :slight_smile:

Is there a way to use GPT as the model to generate an image?


I usually just use Chart.js with the JavaScript column nowadays (Quickcharts also uses it!).

I used to host those in Github for a better UI when inputting data, but JavaScript makes it easier to “reload” when I have a change in the code.

In very specific cases where other chart providers have a chart type that fits my need, I integrate them. This one from amCharts, for example.

I think the ability to generate charts hasn’t made it to the generic API of OpenAI, it would be neat if we’re able to do that.

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