Changing Quantity when adding to cart

Would anyone know how I can change my inventory when someone adds something to their cart even if they don’t actually purchase? For example, If I have 10 left of a specific item, I want it to display 9 left one added to the cart. And if it’s deleted from the cart, I’d want it to change back to 10. is that possible?

Not possible with Glide’s built in Buy Button/Cart, but if you create your own custom cart, it’s possible…just need to keep track of cart items (one item per row in a “Cart” sheet, for example).

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As @Robert_Petitto said you may have to create your application
That’s mine you may use as a sample

Further more i recommend you to use the action on submit, that allows you to update back the table when you remove or add item to a new or edited record.
In my sample you won’t find it, this is a feature introduced later on.

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thank you!

this is so helpful! Thanks

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