Changing font for text (HTML)

I’m using a rich text component to design the texts on my glide app (headlines and explanations in my app for the users).
While editing the app on my computer (PC, Chrome browser), it seems that it’s working as expected, but when I check it on my mobile (android) it’s not working and I see the default font.
NOTE - in the rich text I use HTML tags as color, dir, and style. All of the tags are working great except for the font.
For example, I tried to write the following in a rich text component:

<h2 style="font-family:courier; color:#66C4FF;" dir=rtl> Hebrew text </h2>

Again, only the font isn’t working well.

Any idea what’s the problem, or how I can change the font (that will work also with Hebrew and not only with English…)?


Does it work if you something like p style or span style instead of h2 style?

I have tried to use

tag without success