Changes to Action Editor & Webhook Values

Im testing out webhooks on my app.
I added & removed values to the webhook in the action editor. In one of the values I am sending a template column which I also changed.

I just realized that for some of the the users using the app probably who were on the app when I made the chance. I am receiving a copy of the old webhook values (which have been changed) as well as a copy of the old template column instead of the new one.

Do i have to inform all users of the app to launch it again in order for the changes to appear?

When you make and publish structural changes to your app it can take a little while before the change syncs to all user devices. So what you’re seeing I think is expected.

You could ask all your users to refresh the app, but it shouldn’t be necessary unless it’s vital that they all get the update immediately.

I think it’s generally a good idea to publish these sorts of changes during quiet periods, when you know there won’t be many active users.