Template update for all the apps using it

I’m not sure if this exists or not, but it will be great to be developed in the future
Let’s say you have a simple app/page template created that has 5 apps /pages that are using the template. When you update the template, it will be great to have the possibility to update those apps/pages as well.

In case there is only a change in the structure, it will keep the content and it will update only the structure with the new columns, tabs, screens and fields that are updated … of course, with an overview of what will change/ be added for the user/person updating the app or page.

In case there is an impact with the existing content and some of the old content or fields will be deleted, then it will show the user that is updating the app or page, also the impact that this update will have on the existing app, in order for the user to make the choice to update it or not.