Change type of cell? From number to Text


I have in my spreadsheet a cell with text that is labeled as a number… I’d like to modify to text so that I can put a conditional visibility of it if it “contains” some specific text.

Talking about the bottom left on the image, “Portfolio” and “Potfolio (text)”

At the moment impossible, Glide just proposes equals doesn’t equal etc, all related to numbers whereas it is text.

Thank you, Raphael

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I agree, it would be nice to alter the column type after the fact. I have a few that are listed incorrectly, probably due to bad data or empty columns when I initially created the app. As a workaround, you could create a new column through the glide data editor, with the type you want, then migrate all of your data to the new column. A little bit of work, but an option if you need the conditions to work correctly.

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Thank you. However even in the Glide editor, Glide does not allow me either to change the type or cell or to set the configuration to user-specific, see attached :

I realize that. That’s why I mentioned creating a new column within Glide.

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It works perfectly thank you (I have still a lot to learn about the power of Glide :wink: )

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Hello Jeff,

I’am trying to do same thing the other way around, means transform text to number. GHow can I migrate the date no a number column from a single text value from a split text?

Thanks in advanced;)

Albert Puig

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