Change text color of the inline list

Great to see!


Thank you for your css example.
Having tried to change the color of the subtitle of the action text, but it didn’t work.
Maybe you have an idea…?
Do you also know how to reduce the white space between the two action text items?

action text subtitle color 1
action text subtitle color 2

color: green;

Seems like you don’t have a title for that second element. I would advise against using CSS here because we don’t have a way to hide the unused title space without affecting the other action texts on the same screen.



What if I want to change the color of “Submit” button?

Only specific to that button, or for the other buttons on that screen as well?

It’s a bit tricky because an easy change would affect all buttons, to get that to the specific button only would be more difficult.

Only that button .
hmmm ok never mind.
Let it be. haha

Hi Claudio,

Sorry to interrupt but can I know how you change the background?

Hi @biha,

I change the background with a rich text, which captures the code of a template column.


If you need more details just ask


But what size is the image is ?

I use 540x1040 pixels

Mine suppose to be like this:

But why it going like this?

No button. Got covered by the background. haha

Sure, I do have a title but I don’t have a subtitle in the second element. Funny enough, for the action text element the subtitle is above the title and has a larger font.

In the end I wanted to use the subtitle in a different color as the title is too small compared to a standard text in other rich text elements which I have on that screen

Do you know why my css for the subtitle didn’t work?

Just to make sure I get you right, do you mean the text in the “Design > Title” part?

color: green;

It’s textDetailStyle not textStyle, the reason why your CSS did not work.

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Perfekt, @ThinhDinh thank you so much.

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Hi @ThinhDinh,
Thanks for your help,
Do you know a solution to have a colour of the « group option » in inline list
I make a group by shops and i would like change the colour



I’m not quite sure using “role = cell” might affect other components in your screen or not, as I have only 1 inline list here, but you can try it.

[role="cell"] >div > div {
color: #800200;

Hi @ThinhDinh
Perfect, it works!
Thank you so much

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I have been scrolling down your list of CSS scripts to change various font colors etc
Can you advise how to change these three elements ?
Email entry - Title & Placeholder
Rating - Title
Text Entry - Title & Placeholder

Hopefully colour and if possible size?

many thanks

What color do you want to change them to?

Black will do and then I can change to another color if necessary…