Inline List color

How to change the color of each item in an Inline list

what color part?

change the background color with different colors each

you can use css to change it

That’s the detail, I don’t know how to write the css code to change the background color, but make it different in each item

check here,
maybe it can help

Hopefully this can help.


[data-test="app-vertical-list"] .selected-item-list-item-1 {
background: red !important;

[data-test="app-vertical-list"] .selected-item-list-item-2 {
background: green !important;

[data-test="app-vertical-list"] .selected-item-list-item-4 {
background: black !important;

[data-test="app-vertical-list"] .selected-item-list-item-5 {
background: blue !important;

[data-test="app-vertical-list"] .textStyle {
color: white;

[data-test="app-vertical-list"] .navigationIcon {
color: white;