Change Table Row Color Conditionally CSS?

Is there a way i can change the color of a row in a glide table when both payments are checked to mark as paid? I would essentially like to highlight rows where the invoices are complete and am not sure if I can do this with css in glide. Thank you

I’m not sure about the css but just an idea you could try using the Tag Type :label: for your Job Status. That might add a little pop.

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Thank you for the suggestion

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I have a prototype here, but it requires a few things so I’m not sure if it works. Requirements are:

  • Have an additional If-Then-Else column to check if both payments have been completed.

  • Display them in a table like this, with Bool 1 and Bool 2 set to editable.

  • The CSS:
tr[class*="new-table-lib___StyledTr"]:has(div[class*="true-boolean"]) {
background-color: gold;

label[class*="pages-switch___StyledLabel"] {
pointer-events: none;
cursor: not-allowed;

Reasoning: Only allow one true-boolean class (the Finished one) to appear, change the bools to editable and then not allowing them to be edited.


You may try double pseudo :has. However, I am starting to limit complex CSS for future maintenance reasons.

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