Change the Status columns data based on type

Hello, everyone :wave:

I have a question is it possible to change text colors in the Status columns?
This means if it’s Order Taken then show it in blue. If Delivered shows it in Green.

yes… you can use CSS, but only if you are using Glide Apps, not Pages

Thanks, @Uzo for your quick response.
But unfortunately, I am using Glide pages.

sorry… no way… switch to Apps, they are much more flexible, I don’t use Pages at all.

You can create an HTML table from a template column to do that in Pages… but this is a very complicated way.

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My suggestion would be to add a coloured emoji to the status text, eg:

  • :green_circle: Paid
  • :yellow_circle: Order Taken
  • etc…

Thanks, @Darren_Murphy this will help.