Change pricing based on User

Hi guys,

Trying to see if there is a way that I can change the price of a product for certain users?Either by giving them a discount code or otherwise.


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At the moment, you can’t do that with Stripe’s integration.
Maybe you can add it at ?

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Thanks very much, will do.

Would it be possible to somehow do this on glide itself. I.e. Show a different price to different user sets based on a certain feature/ rule?


I’m pretty sure you can do that.
I would need more information about the user case, but probably what I would do is add conditional visibility of the payment button depending on what you want to show to each user.
That way, user X can only see the payment button Y, user Z can only see the payment button A, etc.

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Correct. It would be a visibility setting applied to multiple buy buttons depending on the user.

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I haven’t done much with the but button and I have read about people having issue with some of the fields if they are glide columns, such as an if then or math column. Do are you allowed to use those types of Collins for a price, or does it have to be a sheet column?

I am trying to provide Geographic based pricing for membership to a community. Ideally would like to provide a way to adjust the price based on the user’s location. For example, if the price is $50 USD, would like to either provide the member with a discount code based on geography so, if a user plugs in a code for say, Ghana, the price would adjust according to income ratio as compared to US. any ideas?