Change background of a marquee

Hello to everybody, does somebody know how to change into yellow the marquee background?, I´ve been trying to change it but it´s a little complicated for the moment, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can you screenshot what you mean by “marquee”. I’m not familiar with this term in Glide.

Not sure if it is the same, but marquee in HTML is used for scrolling text.

Or, he might be referring to the top bar.

Thanks to everybody, I found a solution :slight_smile:

This is the way to change the background color of a marquee, < marquee bgcolor=“colorname” > GLIDE


Please beware of using too much HTML/CSS in your app. They are not officially supported and can break anytime.

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And yet there are a LOT of “workarounds” that use CSS floating around this forum. Some I have found work without side effects, and others sometimes have very pronounced side effects, especially on some devices.


Yeah, much as I have tried to put up a CSS library together with @Lucas_Pires , I still have to warn new people about side effects of using that, especially about it not working the same way on multiple devices. If you use them, please test them on as many devices as you can.


Complementing what @ThinhDinh said, you can easily do it now with a extention I used many often…


Basically you can see the same web page in different divices screen sizes at the same time!


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