Scrolling text for application

I have not seen anyone doing this, but as I work with news daily, I think scrolling text is one that would benefit my app a lot.

I figured out I could do this through a HTML code, using an element called “marquee”.

Here’s a link to a sample marquee generator.

After generating the HTML code, you can put it in a Rich Text element for your app. In my case, as I want to display the latest headline from the news, I use it in a dynamic cell in my sheets.

And here’s a video of how it looks like on my app screen.

Hope it helps for your apps, like an announcement or something. Also the speed of scrolling should be a bit faster for my liking.

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Hey @ThinhDinh, that’s nice!

Even “not supporting”, I also do and try some lil’ tricks hehe

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Hi Lucas, have a nice week!

I have also read that post by you, surely I will try to do something similar to that for my homepage in near future!

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Don’t hesitate to share with us :grin:

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