Cellar manager template 🍇

Happy to share with you my new template call “Cellar manager”.

Manage your cellar like a pro. Perfect for Bars, Hotels, Restaurants and you!
The best way to have the proper overview of your cellar.


:wine_glass::beer: :tropical_drink:: 3 categories of beverage available (wine, sparkling, spirits);

:page_facing_up: : Detailed product sheet;

:chart_with_upwards_trend:: Stock overview;

:star:: Ratings;

:bar_chart:: Key figures;

:lock:: Admin view.

…and many others…

It’s time to tidy up your cellar! :wink:
Have fun!


Very nice app and video, Christophe.

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Amazing @PlanetZero, love it!

Tks Nathanael :+1:t3:

@Lucas_Pires thank you for your kind feedback!

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Well done, if only I had a cellar :+1:

@Rosewebstudio :laughing: tks