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Hello, I greet you happily from Chile, I hope I can learn a lot every day from this beautiful tool without code- I have just been getting to know it for 3 days and I have the following problem: I need to assign to some photographs on the home page the respective categories to each image and when clicking on the image lead me to the products of that particular category. I imagined that there would be some filter that would allow to do this but I cannot find it. Apparently it should be something simple, but I’m stuck with this. Before bothering and asking this query I saw several videos about “relationship” and I think it must be something like that to link an image to a category, it’s just that. But I think the biggest difficulty of this is the language :slight_smile: Well I hope I have explained my query well and I would appreciate any information. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot…

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Have 2 sheets, one with all categories and images and other sheet with products and their categories.

Make sure that the categories that you have in your products sheet match exactly with one of the categories on the other sheet.

Then inside Glide’s data editor, create a relation column in the categories sheet where you relate categories from one sheet to another and make sure you create a multiple relation.

Then on a new tab, use the tiles layout to show all your images with categories, when you click on any image the details view will open for that category, add an inline list over there and link it to the relation column that you created. That way you will have all the products listed inside that particular category


Thank you very much manan you made me very clear with your explanation, greetings :clap: