Catching the Deep Link for the same Row from Another Tab

Hey Gliders!

I am looking for a way to catch the Deep Link (DL) from another tab to invite unregistered users to the same Row. I understand:

  1. the DL is different for the same Row in different tab.
  2. only way to catch DL is to make exact Actions staying in the same Detail view of the same Tab.

We are staying in Detail Screen in the tab A (Visibility by Role A, e.g. Admin), but need to store in GS the Deep Link of the same Row, BUT from another tab B which is for not registered Users.
I understand the usual way is to go to the same Row in Detail Screen in tab B and catch the DL there. But i need to get such DL automatically by Admin when he\she is running Action from the same Row from tab A.

Did somebody here solve such issue?
Maybe we could use Integromat or some another way to emulate a jumping to tab B to catch the DL there and store in GS - doing all of this in the same Action by Admin from the Tab A?
Let we try to think toghether what turnaround could be there.
Thank you in advance!

From my experience, there is not a solution for this. Unfortunately, the deeplink must be generated from an action upon the details screen itself.

I’ll need to go back and test, but I’m pretty sure the deeplink is different from tab to tab (even if it’s the same details screen).

Thank you very much, Robert! :pray:
Seems, it’s so. I’ve rethinked the way how to solve my exact case. Is done this by mooving the Action to the same Tab, where i need the DL. :ok_hand:

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if the rows are the same, you can generate and save deep links in the other tab, and relate to them by row number

You sure? Last I tested a deeplink on one tab is different from the other (even if the same details screen). I found this out when I was testing an app that had different levels of access. An admin would create the deeplink on one tab and the client would access from another but it didn’t work because it was sending the client to the hidden admin tab (which they didn’t have access to).

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yes, it works, maybe you missed my explanation a little… you need to generate and save links in the mirror sheet, then use relations to a row number, to copy them into the original sheet…
unfortunately, the process of generating links is manual… you need to go row by row in the mirror sheet… or add a link to the current screen every time you duplicate a row in the mirror sheet… it can be done by the second button that will be related to a new row in the mirror sheet…

but the whole @ALEKSEI_BARANOV problem can be avoided by better structuring data… there is never a good idea to have duplicated datasheets…
just add some columns to filter the original data and limit access… so it can work for many users with different roles

I had the same issue with data that should be seen by some other condition (ie. the item is/is not active). I used to have a separate menu option to maintain active vs. inactive items, but yesterday I just added some menu buttons via a list (thanks, @Robert_Petitto đź—ş Build Better Navigation) Active/inactive/all. I simplified it for this note; it was actually a little more complex.

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