Capture/Assign user attributes on sign-up


I’m looking for help with functionality I’d like to implement with new user signups, as follows:

  1. Automatically assign additional attributes when a new user record is created like: date joined, role, etc.

  2. Capture user specific data on sign up, like a promo code. In this case, the user would enter this code with their name and email address and would be stored with the user’s profile record on the back end.

If these capabilities exist, any help pointing me to the right documentation would be a great help!


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Hi @SMGCreative,

As far as I know, this doesn’t exist yet (or at least not below the business / custom plans).

Yet, I think it would be extremely valuable too.

I don’t know how you would automatically assign a role, wouldn’t you want an onboarding process to do that?

For “date joined”, if you’re connecting your app with a Google Sheets (you don’t need to store any meaningful data in there), you’ll have an Apps: Login sheet that is filled automatically, and you can track the timestamp of each first login for each email.

This should also be done with onboarding.