Cant make event view page conditional on separate event-user-RSVPs table?

Hi there! I have a mobile app where there’s a page of events, supported by an “Events” table with details about the events. In the events table, I have a ‘Status’ variable with values: “Open for RSVP” or “Closed”. I also have a User Profiles table.

I have an “Events-Votes” form where users can vote on events. I want to have a conditional button where it takes users to the event voting page IF: “Status” = “Open for RSVP” AND User has not voted yet (i.e. no row in the “Events-Votes” table for that “Event Name” + “User”).

however I only seem to be able to create conditional logic based on variables in the original “Events” table (i.e. “Event Status”, “Event name”, etc). I dont see the “Containing Screen Context” option mentioned in this help article either Glide • Conditions, Filtering, and Visibility

Does anyone understand what I am trying to do and know a fix? I am so appreciative! Thank you!

You’ll need to create some sort of conditional relation. These videos might help.

Glide: Conditional Relations (and Relations as Conditions!)

Glide: TWO WAYS to Allow Users to RSVP, Register and Join


Thank you SO much Robert!!! Related to RSVP, do you happen to know if it’s possible to integrate/embed a google calendar RSVP or RSVP into a GlideApp? It looks like Webembed is only possible in Glide Pages - not sure if that’s for ANY embedded code, or just embedding entire websites?

You can try embedding a URL using a web embed component. I believe Google Calendar didn’t work the last time I try it (due to Google not allowing it to be embedded, and this is the case for most sites that you see them not working with the component, not a Glide issue). I have never used so please try it to see if it works.

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