Can't get my first experimental code to work

I have alot of places i need to pretty print times in various formats, as it take a few columns everytime I thought to jump into experimental code columns.

I’m beyond newbie in using github or replit.
I know a little JS so I thought I’ll do something simple, convert the glide replit starter code to pretty print some minutes into the format hh:mm:ss.

I changed the JSON as described here
I converted it to take one parameter - a minute-number from a rollup and otherwise default to 0 (now it’s set to another number to check if everything computes as I want it to).
I copy/pasted the URL into the experimental code column in Glide and it gives me the option to fill in minutes parameter.

However I can’t get it to return and value (I’ve set the return as string in the JSON).

Does anyone know where I go wrong?

This is my code:

let minutes = min ?? 61.7;

should be…

let minutes = min.value ?? 61.7;

Ahhh - thanks for catching that. :raised_hands:
It worked.

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