Can't enable "Add to cart" glide tab

Hello I cannot enable the sync with Stripe when I want to parameter the Add to cart tab… see screenshot… thank you!

Have you added the button Buy Button and sync with your Stripe account?

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Thanks! But that is exactly the issue: there is no moment where Glide asks me to sync.

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Perfect! Now, let’s sell :money_mouth_face:

Not yet! :confused: As I said, Glide does not ask me to sync with Stripe so the issue is NOT resolved

Thanks I did watch already this video, as I said, Glide does not show me this step (see video at 34 seconds here:

1 - Open tabs
2 - Pull shopping cart out of hidden tabs into and under tabs.
3 - On any part of an open tab,select + Components
4 - Add “Buy Button”…the moment you select it, you will get a message “connect to stripe”. But follow steps 1-3 in your case first.

I do not see a shopping cart amongst any of your displayed tabs.


awesome thank you so much