Can't edit data on users table through app (airtable)


When wanting to edit a contactperson in our crm, i go to edit the contacts record using the app itself, then submitting the edit form and the data just never goes through in the airtable database. It works in any other table except the users table.

Have i done something wrong perhaps? I can edit the contact data using glide pages data editor on the button and it works instantly.

Do you have a video of the problem?

@ThinhDinh Just made one here for you:

as you can see, the single line text (title of contactperson) doesnt work, but changing the portrait works fine.

Can you provide a screen shot from the Glide Data Editor that shows the “Titel” column please?

Okay, thanks. That looks fine.

The thing that makes me curious is that in your video I see the value initially changing, and then a few seconds later it reverts to its previous value. This is evident at 50 seconds into the video.

I don’t know much about AirTable or AirTable integration, but is it possible that column is read-only in AirTable?

If you change the value in AirTable, is the change correctly reflected in Glide?

Changing the value in airtable, will reflect in glide pages aswell.

  • it’s so weird, because i can actually change the contact name, but not the title, same datatype, single line text

I fixed the problem! :open_mouth:

Going to the “user profile” tab, on the right side of the screen, i removed the “title” from the “role” choice selector.

What is the “role” selector for?

oh, hahaha - yeah now that makes perfect sense.

See below:

That explains why when you changed the value, Glide would immediately revert the change.
Role in this context refers to the users role within the App. It can be used to control what they can see and do.


Thank you for the asssist @Darren_Murphy

Sometimes a push makes the mind do wonders :slight_smile:

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As a security function, a user cannot change their own role to a role they do not belong to. Also, userA cannot change userB’s role to a role that userA does not belong to.

Your role in the user table is Proprietor. Kim’s role is Sales Director. At most, you would have had authority to change Kim’s role to Proprietor and nothing else.

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