Cannot edit the phone nr in the user profile

Hi there.

I have a similar problem that other posts have been describing.

I cannot change the data in the user table, and specifically the phone number.

Other things like the name can be changed by the user but not the phone number.

What is wrong here.

Watch the video

Does it help if you create a new column? Probably it reverts just like role or email. To modify role or email we typically use call api or a 3rd party like make… but I’d bet it works with a new column

That looks like a bug to me.
Just out of curiosity, does anything change if you remove the Role column from the User Profile configuration, or even delete that column completely?

I have already tried with creating new columns.

Two times actually, but still the same problem

tried your ideas but the problem remains…

I just copied the whole app now with the same Gsheet, and now it is working.

As you said @Darren_Murphy this seems like a bug.

Problem solved!

THX for your feed back @Darren_Murphy and @Eric_Penn :slight_smile:

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New info.


Dont know what happened yesterday but when I do this in the copied app today I still get the same error.

The phone number cannot be changed from the User Profile Edit screen.

Any other ideas?

You mentioned that the source of the table is a Google Sheet. I don’t suppose you have any formulas in the sheet, do you?

I found the problem now!

This happens when I have a Twilio integration to send PIN codes.

The Twilio integration is pointing to the phone column, and when it does it cannot be changed by the user, and is locked down by Twilio.

I don’t know why this is happening, and if it should be like this, maybe it’s a security feature?

I tried to add a template column to be used by Twilio PIN, but it does not accept data from computed columns.

I have disabled the Twilio PIN integration for now, and it works OK then.

However I am also using Twilio to send SMS to the customer in other scenarios that the PIN code.

However it’s only the pin-code setup that locks down the phone column.

The same problem does happen if I use the phone column for sending SMS, but Twilio accepts to use data from a computed column in this case.

Since I need to have a column setup for the Twilio integration to work, I solved it like this:

Created a new dummy.twilio column with no data in it, and set this as the Phone column for the Twilio integration in the settings of the integration.

Kept my old Phone column that can now be changed by the user since Twilio let it loose :slight_smile:

Added a template column to use for Twilio SMS, and this column is just a copy of the Phone column.

Problem Solved!!!

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