Cannnot delete tab that I deleted from spread sheet

My app’s URL:

Could you tell me how to delete tab that I deleted from spread sheet.
I cannot delete it. That tab still exists even though I deleted it.
I’m use pro app. I’m really appreciated if you replay ASAP.

I see it. We’ll fix it - thanks for reporting!

Sorry, actually the “tmp” tab that you can’t delete (I assume that’s the one you mean?) is the Chat tab, which you cannot delete. We’ll let you delete it at some point, but as long as it’s hidden it’s not in the app.


tmp tab is.


I tried to delete “tmp” tab again. But I couldn’t even though I moved “tmp” tab to “TABS” or “MENU”.
How can do that?

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

Your “tmp” tab is the Chat. You cannot delete it. Just hide it if you don’t want Chat.

Hi Mark

I got it at last. Thanks.