Add chat tab

Hi guys

I can’t find a chat tab on my App. I think I may have deleted it or something. I can’t remember.

Question now though is , How do I add it back to the App because it is no longer appearing under the navigation menu

you cant delete chat… maybe you deleted the name “chat” … and now is just empty ? or you dragged to Menu?

Well it’s definitely not there anymore. The shopping cart is there though but deactivated but the chat tab is not…

i just tried to delete… and is impossible

When you right click on the tab, do you get the option to delete or duplicate?

yes, but is not disappearing when click delete… so maybe you just deleted name chat… now is empty and is hard to find?

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Ah yeah. You are right…I actually changed the name and was using it as a “support” line for issues on the App…
Now I really feel foolish. I should move away from my work station :joy:

Thanks for taking the time to assist. Much appreciated :pray:

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it happens to me too… LOL i deleted a name and drag it to menu… i took me few minutes to find it

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