Can we change the email associated with an app for 'support'

Hi - my telemedicine app has gone ‘crazy’ - yesterday was 650 new people trying to register on the site (only 300 succeeding). 350 tried to do a test (only 100 made it through). And all kinds of things.

BTW these are ok problems to have, so I am working to fix things rather than complain.

However I am not in charge of customer support - and yet my glide email address gets every support request from the app.

Does anyone know if this can be changed?

Thanks! M

Is it through the About tab? You can hide it and create your own About tab.

I don’t mind having it, but I need to change the email that things go to (and ideally put support into a process).

I have hidden the page in the meantime - thanks for the suggestion!

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