Can the display of Tabs scroll on mobile?

I have several Tabs displayed and they’re squishing to fit on the screen, but that’s not necessarily ideal. Is there a way to make the Tab list scroll left and right?

Edit: The reason I have so many Tabs, (for now), is that my app is collecting information that will be used on government forms and there are a lot of categories and sub-categories. I’m a sucker for punishment and my first Glide app is not so simple.

I don’t believe this is possible as of now. Do you mind moving some of them to the hamburger menu?

Thanks, I’ll see what the best option is for this particular UX - add them to the Menu, or consolidate the Tabs.

Edit: So after messing around with the two options, I’ll add these items to the Menu. The main reason being that it’s really not that easy to consolidate the Tabs by trying to make lists within lists in a way that the UI is functional. (At least that I can figure out at the moment.) But, the big change here is that when you’re inside a Menu item and then hit the Back button it goes to the main Tab instead of opening the Menu again. This feels weird to me for what I’m trying to do, but anyway it’s created a new idea for me which is the main Tab is like a dashboard, which is different that what I was planning to have. A happy accident I suppose.

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