Is it possible to have a sideways scroll navigation bar at the bottom?

I would like to have a navigation bar that can be scrollable so I can select other tabs without them all being cramped together.

No, I’m not aware of anything you can do there. I think you’d want to rethink the UI anyway, because users expect a certain consistencies in apps, and a horizontal scrolling tab bar I think people wouldn’t “get.” So I’d recommend rethinking your tabs to have fewer of them, by combining certain aspects of your app.

One option if you really want a horizontal scroll menu, is to do it with a card or grid collection. Make them XS, use the image for an icon, and action sends to tabs that are hidden. Every main tab would be hidden so there’d be no bottom tab bar at all, just your horizontal one. I don’t actually like this solution, particularly because it wouldn’t be fixed to bottom of screen but rather would be at the bottom of all the page contents. I guess you could make it the top bar menu… that’d be a little better. Just throwing this idea out there. I think, again, you’d be best to change up the overall design to have 5 or fewer tabs.


gotcha, great idea ill see what i can do. thanks for the suggestions!!

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