Can not Sign in to Glide - Perpetual Loop

I can not get signed into Glide.

When I try to open Glide I get a sign in message asking me to sign in with Google or sign in with email.

The Google link doesn’t work…just sends me back to the original sign in screen.

The email link sends me an email with a link, but when I click on the link it sends me back to the original sign in screen. And on and on…

Glide is the only program that I am having an issue with.

You’re referring to the Glide builder, yes? (ie. not a Glide App).

One thing I would suggest is emptying your browser cache and delete all cookies (or at least any Glide related cookies), and see if that helps.

Thank you Darren. Yes, the Glider builder.
I have already cleared my cache.

This issue is only on my PC. I am in on Samsung phone and S7 Tablet.

Still nothing. I can not get into the builder to edit apps???