Can not add another Google Sheet to my App

Hi guys,

I need to add another Google Sheet to my app but the button is greyed out:

I could use an Excel sheet but my whole business works on Google Sheets so this would make that pretty hard.

Is there any way to add another Google Sheet?

You can’t add a second Google Spreadsheet, but you can add Sheets to the Spreadsheet that is already connected, and they will appear in the Data Editor as new tables once it syncs. Any new sheets added must have at least one row containing data - usually the header row.

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To add to that, if you have data in several different spreadsheets, you can still use an import to pull in data from other spreadsheet sheet tables into sheet tables within in your primary spreadsheet that’s connected to glide. However, this is only useful for ‘view only’ data.


That is a possibility, but it would cost me a huge amount of zaps. The data is currently entering the Sheet from 10 different zaps and if I need to work with the webhooks, it would cost me 10 more zaps every time. That will quickly cost a lot of extra and I believe unnecessary money. Or is there a very good reason for not allowing a second Google Sheet?

Why would Zapier be involved here? You asked about adding more sheet tables. What does that have to do with Zapier? Like @Darren_Murphy mentioned, you can just add more tabs to your worksheet, and have your data in those other sheet tabs, or like I mentioned, you can use use an import formula to pull in data from other worksheets into a central google worksheet. None of that involves Zapier, or webhooks, or anything else like that. You could have 100 sheet tabs in the same google worksheet, and have them all show up in glide.

If there’s more to your process, you’ll have to explain that.