Can I use button bar to create


Can I use button bar to create the men and women,looks like a button.

Or otherwise anything else? to look a like this image.

Use an Inline List Tiles layout.


Use Photoshop to cut out the shape of the person’s image, and save it as a png file. Display via inline list or action on image component.


What @Himaladin said, but you have to create the left and right text yourself if you want that effect.



Have used the linelist comes good and givews the it in overlay to display category name MAN,WOMAN inside inline list which is looks exactly somewhat.

Have gave this

[data-test="app-horizontal-list"] :nth-child(1) :nth-child(even) {
background-color: #000000;

But i want the text color to be changed and also possible i want different color for MAN and WOMAN.


Hi Darren,

is the above one done with single category table and single product list?

You’re referring to this, yes?

Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 11.13.10 PM

If you share a copy of your app with me, I’ll show you how to do it using an Inline List.

Here it is…

Can you allow it to be copied, please? its copyable.

Okay, just give me a little while.

Okay, here you go…

One tip for you: Having separate tables for Men and Women is not a good idea. You should have them all in one table, and have a column in that table to identify each as mens/womens.


Too quick.You are Great.Im creating all my template with this same thing but couldn’t understand how its created i.e its logic.

Thanks a lot.

You mean category men and category women ? into category table.

If i create another column as categorytype as Men and Women,how can i approach this.

what is ite/choice ?
what is ite? note for?

what is ite note for ?

ite/choice deals with the initial (empty) state of the User Specific column that holds the choice selection. The first time a user open the app, this column will be empty. So the if-then-else column is used to show them the Mens list by default.

Superb.Lots of learning from you Darren.

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When I launched it in mobile,it’s showing empty.

The tab was hidden. Try it now.