Can I let people sign up + add additional info in one go?

The less steps the better. I would like new users to sign up with e-mail + add name, address etcetera in one go. Is that possible? I think the answer is NO, but maybe someone found a way to do this?

I believe you would be able to create your own form to collect the information that you require and then have a custom action to store this information in the users table. You can also change the settings for the app to use a different table for determining who can login.

Not in one go since you can’t customize the sign in screen. You would still have to add an Onboarding screen.

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If sign in is “optional” then if not signed in… could that not be the only screen that you can see (or another screen that says "sign up or “login” here.)

I just did a quick test… and that does work.

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The UX will still be some what clunky since you have to enter your email again when you actually sign in.

Yeah, it would be so nice if we could get rid of that extra unnecessary step.