Can I grey-out used forms?

Hi all

Made a very simple app for students to use for an ‘Amazing Race’ style game. Each team is given a clue and then run to the objective and try to solve the puzzle they find there. They enter the answer to the puzzle in the app, and if correct, the app opens a new screen revealing the clue for the whereabouts of the next objective.

The basics all work fine but it would be cool if the teacher could monitor the progress of each team through a screen in the app, or on the sheet, i.e. see which teams have completed which objectives. I can do this by applying a filter formula to the log sheet but am trying to do it through Glide alone.

Also, I have made it so that the objectives are Forms. Can forms be greyed-out once they are complete? I fiddled with the visibility options but no success.



I guess it would be ok to have the form disappear if greying out is not possible

You can create 2 buttons. One with a form action, and one with an action of none, or reshuffle, or open link to a link of ‘#’. Just something, so it’s a non-functioning button. Then control visibility on each button to show the form button if the task has not been completed, and show the second button once it has been completed.

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Thanks Jeff, have marked as a solution but have to start the app from scratch after accidentally deleting the wrong sheet :frowning:

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