Can I create a new item on another form from an action?


I’m in a customer record, I want to have button that creates a new task; I want it to immediately go into “add new item mode”.

So at the point where you want to add a new task, are you on a details screen or are you inside a form?

At the point I want to add a new Task, I’m on a Customer form (record).

I got as far as adding the button click Action to Open Form (the Task from).

The show form option would be the way to go if you want to open a form to add a new task from the customer details (view) screen.

I want to go straight into a new Task item (record) from a button on the selected Customer item (record).

All options I’ve explored take me to the Tasks form, then I have to click to create a new Task item.

But a Show Form action will take will take you to a form screen that will let you add new rows to any sheet you choose.

Also, I’m getting confused with your use of the word 'form". Up until a few weeks ago, Form, meant the screen from a Form Button. Seems that glide has expanded that term to include the Add screen and the Edit screen. I just want to be sure I understand that when you say form, you are referring to either the Add, Edit, or Form screen and not a Details/View screen.

Any screenshots you can provide to help use to better understand what you are experiencing and where you are having issues. Better yet, if you can provide a video, that also makes it much easier to understand.

Thanks Jeff.

I’ll revisit what I’ve been trying to achieve. Maybe I’m confusing myself :slight_smile:

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