Can I convert seconds to minutes?

This is it in the database:

This is what it looks like on the screen:

At least it converts it to only .00 but I’d still like to display in minutes if possible

divide by 60… :wink:


lol thank you for the math break down. Where and how do I plug in that formula?

math column

seems to be rounding up to only minutes and not including seconds as well?

is your average in seconds?.. that was your question… to convert to minutes… take out floor from the formula, if you wanna have numbers after decimal point

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I want it to be able to say 2 minutes and 31 seconds 2:31

Can I template it somehow so it reads 2:31 instead of 2.31?

never mind, easy, i got it. Thank you!


never mind again, it’s not displaying right on the screen side
i made the template:

and then plugged it in here and it came out like this:

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are you average in seconds?

yes average column is seconds

edit your average column… switch from number to duration type… in the math column change formula to: average/24/60/60

yes thats what i want it to look like but it’s not converting right

this is the one we were just looking

it’s 51 second coverted to 0.86 which is right, it should say 0:51

Do i first need to remove the milliseconds?

follow that

@Katelyn_Alberts is it working?

Not sure if i can/should edit that column type because it comes straight from Google Analytics that way and updates daily? Should I transfer the date into another column type first?

yes, you can change… unless you need that format somewhere else in your app… data will not change… only how is displayed… so no worries

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perfect, all set! thanks!!

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@Katelyn_Alberts we’ve just added a Format Duration column to help you with this:


great… @david i can’t find that column