Format for time difference

Is it possible to display a calculated time difference without the seconds? Tried creating a math column but can’t figure out how to only show hours:minutes only! TIA!


For some reason the display option at the bottom disappears for me in this particular column but does show up in another column (second screen shot below).


Wrap the first equation in a round() function.

I think it’s because the result is a duration instead of a date. Because of that, you don’t have the additional Display configuration in your math column.

Try this in your math column.
(ontime - now)/60

no go on this. display does show up but looks like just number format with precision option but then does not compute the duration.

not sure I understand why dividing duration by 60 truncates the seconds but it worked! Thanks!

What’s actually happening is that when you divide by 60, the hours become minutes and the minutes become seconds, which leave hours as zero. If hours is zero, then hours gets truncated. So technically you are viewing a duration of minutes and seconds, even though in reality you know it’s actually hours and minutes. Hope that makes sense.