Math Column: Date & Time Duration to Decimal

I am using a Timesheet template @Robert_Petitto that uses a math column that subtracts Time Out and Time In (out-in)*24 to generate a time duration.

When first used, the display shows an average that is rounded to the nearest Ones.

Following a few adjustments to the configuration, now the column displays the calculated duration for which is not the display I am seeking.

I have noticed that when clicking into the cell that it shows the decimal value of what is required to display within the chart. Example: .00172383333 not 24:49

The objective is to display the duration in decimal.

@Robert_Petitto says that the displays are using the trunc() function, but I just can’t seem to get it working.

Please advise.

Data Editor

Column Type > Math
Configuration: (out-in)*24
Replacements > DateTime In and DateTime Out

This is a recent development on the math column that it now automatically returns a duration format if you do calculation based on a date/time input.

You can use something like this to get a number.

In this example I’m using rounding to 2 decimals.

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Right…:you can wrap the equation in either a trunc() or a round() function.


Thank you for this

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