Can I connect an app produced on glide to a website produced on squarespace?

I have a business website that was produced on squarespace and I want to create an app for the business. I need the website and the app to talk to each other - exchange information. Is it possible for an app produced on glide to be connected to a website produced on squarespace?

You want the app and the website to share data?

This sort of thing is usually possible, but how you would approach it depends. It depends on how you’ve built your app - it will be much easier if you have a Google Spreadsheet connected, and what integration options the website provides. If there is an API or some other way to access the backend data then it will be much easier.

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Yes I do want them to share data. I have a pilates studio, so I want them to exchange information regarding profiles and bookings etc.

I haven’t designed the app as yet, however the website has been designed. I wanted to make sure glide is compatible with squarespace first. From what I have read API can be generated.

I guess my main recommendation will be to ensure you use a Google Sheet as a base for your app (as opposed to Glide Tables only). This will give you more options for integration and exchanging data between the app and the website. If there is an API, there will be a number of options available - both code and no-code.

Thank you for your help