Can I add a rich text field in form and url in form

I want the user to add rich text in form and url.
I don’t see any option is there any workaround or something

They’d have to know how to create the url in markdown: [some text]( text

No No
I have a form
I want to add

  1. a Rich text field
  2. a URL field

You can add any components you want to a form. You can add a rich text component or a link component.

I guess I was not clear

I want a “input” rich text
and input “url” field
where users can fill rich text

Just add text entry components…both can accept Rich text or a URL.


Also I am trying to send a form using webhook to airtable cause I want to manipulate some data.
but whenever I submit a form (‘with custom action’). it submits to my airtable database and webhook is also received.

so basically I have a job portal and want clients to post job.
But I don’t want them to refill the company details as they are already with me

A form always adds a new row when it’s submitted. That is it’s purpose.

What exactly are you trying to do with your webhook? If you are just only filling some values, I would think that could all be handled within glide. From your description, the webhook seems unnecessary.

Not complex
I want to just add company[will be same] data and job data[ this needs user input]

There are a couple of ways to do this.

In the table for the screen that contains the form button, or in a user profile table, you could add template columns that contain the company and job data. Then in your form you can add the appropriate Value components or User Profile components to pass those values through the form without the user having to enter or see those values.

Another method is to create entry components in your form, set the default value, and then change the visibility of those components so they are hidden and can’t be changed by the user.

Either way will populate the company and job data in the form without the user having to type anything. I would recommend this instead of trying to mess with webhooks and backend processing in the airtable.

Thank you, Jeff.
I tried the visibility method but the issue I was facing was that the I was not able to add the reference fields like PaymentID(in my case). I was not able to input it.

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Currently, Same as paymenID
I am not able to reference the job user added to the user

I need more information. I don’t know anything about your app. I don’t know how your data is structured or how your screens are laid out. What you’re asking for should be pretty simple, based on your description, but I can only give general guidelines on what you can or can’t do. I can’t advise on how to implement something in your specific app or scenario.

Screenshots and videos are extremely helpful in helping us visualize your app and any problems you may be running into.

Thanks for the reply
let me add few screenshot for help

As you can see search results is not showing payment referrence field
it shows in select field but I don’t user to select paymentID

Your form is on top of the Job Form Data screen. Does that table contain a PaymentID column?

Yes it does using reference fields and lookup in airtable.
What I noticed was glide was not talking formulas column and reference column in formtext

Is your relation a multiple relation or a single relation? If it’s a multiple relation, then the Lookup column will be an array. Arrays (which can contain multiple values) cannot be placed in a field that only accepts a single value. A lookup on a single relation will return a single value, which CAN be placed in a field that accepts a single value.

Change your relation to a single relation. Make sure that you do that in glide. Not airtable.