Can domain and subdomain both point to the same glide page?

I have a glide page configured to a custom domain, “” Visiting that address works fine, but trying “” does not direct me to the page. How can I configure my DNS to allow both example dot com and www.example dot com to both direct to the same glide page? (Limited to two links in this post so replaced with “dot”)

Can I have two A records? One for the root domain that points to the IP address and one for www that also points to the same IP? Thanks!

You just need a redirect from one to the other.
The way I did it was to configure my Glide App as, and then I created a 302 redirect from ->


That did the trick! But why a 302 redirect instead of 301?

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Actually, good question. A 301 is probably better. I’d never even thought about that.

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