Can detail tab automatically be in edit mode?

When a tab is made visible (by whatever means), and it is set as a DETAIL rather than a LIST, can EDIT mode automatically be triggered rather than have the person tap the PEN icon? In this case, the tab is made visible because some field is not filled in (the USER table – so they are new to the system).

No, you can’t, but you can put entry components directly on the detail screen to edit the values in real time. In your specific use case, I would recommend an entry component to enter the name. You may need to change your tab conditions though. What I would maybe do is create a boolean column in your user table. Then on your profile details screen, add an entry component to fill in the name. Then add a button component that has a visibility condition to only show up if the name is not empty. Then set an action on the button to set the boolean column value to ‘true’.

That way, the boolean column will control your tabs based on ‘true’ or ‘not true’ and you will only be able to set the boolean to ‘true’ when the user enters a name and the button becomes visible.


Thank you. I started to implement your solution, but it seems overly complex for what I want to accomplish. I already have it set up so they cannot leave the screen without going into modify mode and adding a name – but the action required was not obvious.
While trying to implement your solution, I came across the “HINT” object, and implemented it thusly:

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