Calculating Average Rating from Child Records in Linked Tables

Hey folks,

I’m facing a simple challenge with two linked tables. Table1 serves as the parent record, and Table2 holds the child records. My goal is to display the average rating from Table2 onto Table1.

Within each Table2 record, there are 6 distinct numeric ratings. I’m looking for a solution to calculate the overall average rating across these six values, enabling me to roll up and present it on Table1.

Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

Are those always not empty? To cover the case that it can be empty somewhere, I would suggest:

  • Create a Make Array column and add all rating columns in there.
  • Create a rollup column, choose the Make Array column as the source and choose “average”.
  • In Table1, use an average rollup again, pointing to the rollup column in step 2.


Brilliant, the good old “Make Array”. Thanks @ThinhDinh !

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