Buy Button Transaction Error: "this item is no longer available"

Has anyone else seen this error message? I’m testing the Buy Button and when I try to make a transaction, I get “this item is no longer available”. I have tried deleting the component and re-creating it.


What is the price of the item? Stripe’s minimum price is $1 US.

$4 CAD

That should be plenty.

We’re working on fixing this issue. Apologies.

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Actually, @Math_X, this isn’t an issue on our end so much as it is something we did not design the Buy Button for. This is unfortunately an incompatibility between how you’ve set up your data and how you’ve configured your buy screen.

Your buy screen is trying to read a “Purchase ID” from the SIGN UP sheet to indicate which product is being purchased. However, this same SIGN UP sheet uses our Row Ownership feature. So if you’ve never signed in before, and you do not have a row in this sheet, we can’t resolve a “Purchase ID” from said sheet.

We use the “Purchase ID” to determine how much to charge your customers. It needs to be able to pick out a row from your sheet in order to determine this. The way your sign up flow is currently configured, you are trying to charge a user with a “Purchase ID” that cannot exist because they do not have a row that they own yet.

One workaround you could try is to introduce yet another screen for buying access to your app. This screen needs to be bound to a sheet that everyone can read, and it needs to include some unique identifiers with a range of prices. When we write the purchases to the special sheet, you could either use formulas or Google Sheets scripts to move this information into the rows that the signed-in user owns.

We’re still trying to design a workable solution to allow for in-app subscriptions, but we can’t commit to delivering one that is both easy to use and fairly useful in the near term.


Thanks Daniel, I don’t fully understand what you mean but I had a feeling the issue was related to the Row Owners feature. I just disabled Row Owners and the transaction went through.

I think I can get the functionality I need without Row Owners enabled, so I’ll just carry on that way and see how it goes, especially for this prototyping phase. Appreciate the quick replies!

Hi Daniel, I’ve come back to this because I do want to use Row Owners, to make my filtering as strong as possible.

Here’s what I don’t understand — with my current configuration, the Buy Button only appears to users that have signed-up, and therefore, who do have a Purchase ID populated. If you haven’t used the app before you can’t see the Buy Button, and my signed-in user “” cannot see the button because their row doesn’t have the necessary data — so why can’t the purchase process pick out the data for signed-up, signed-in users?

I’m happy to try and make a workaround, and will start doing that, I just don’t understand the reason it’s not working — I realize that likely doesn’t change the fact that I need a workaround, but I’d also like to understand how these back-end processes work.


@Math_X It’s simply that we were not expecting anyone to combine the Buy Button with row ownership. There’s a lot we have to consider to make these features work together. We’re going to make it work eventually, but it’s not something we can fix quickly.

@Daniel_Sweet Thanks, I understand. I’ll see what I can do with the workaround.

Hi again, I’m struggling to figure out how to let a customer choose the right amount to pay, if I can’t connect them to the purchase?

The only thing I can think of would be to have 100+ Buy Buttons on a screen — they would scroll through to choose the right amount, and then I’d connect the sale to their owned row using their email address after the transaction?

I’m hoping that’s not the solution — as a Pro subscriber are there any Glide experts available who could potentially walk me through a better workaround?


Sorry, just realized - I don’t need to give them 100+ options. Will try that workaround.

I am getting a “This item is no longer available” message when testing the pay button.

Did you use it on a sheet with row owner?

I ran into the same issue. Is there any timeline on allowing the Buy Button with row ownership? It would be really useful for offering services on user generated content. For example, reviewing a private assignment, piece of work, resume etc. (ie unique to the user) after completing the transaction. Thanks!

Just ran into this as well :frowning: Pretty fundamental for my app, paying for bookings where row has personal information so need the security.

Any idea on timeline? Thanks

I am trying with a user specific field, so they can set their own amount, but not a row owner and I am getting the same message “This item is no longer available”. Also, I would like to record the email address after the purchase has been successful in a user specific field, so I can check in the app whether users have purchased a certain item (preferably without a Google Sheet connected)

As far as I aware, buy button’s columns must be in a Google Sheet for it to work.

Dear @marentsen ,
I think the error message comes from using “user specific columns” and/or “row owners”, as discussed here and here.
For your case: I think it is best to work with a “orders” sheet, let users configure new orders, add a row for every new order, use the orderID in the buy button’s SKU/ProductID, and add a buy button to place a new order. Then you can make relations in glide to the “App: Sales” sheet once copied to a new sheet in gsheets or use lookup in gsheets without copying the sales sheet.