Buy Button Configuration

Hello, I am creating a marketplace app and wanted to add a buy button to my app but want the payments made by users of my app to go to the person who created the post instead of going to my account on stripe. and I would also like to charge a small transaction fee per transaction

This won’t work because you can only connect one Stripe account per app.

You can explore alternatives like PayHere and let each creator have their own PayHere link.

How would I do that I already have a pay here account but how would i integrate each creator having their own pay here link in my app

What I was thinking is you can have a field in your data to let creators add their own PayHere link, or whatever payment methods they want, as long as it’s a link.

However this is a problem.

To have an exact number, you would have to find a way to know when a transaction has gone through and that’s not likely to be automatic considering we’re dealing with an unknown number of different accounts here.

well, I was looking into Paypal and I see that you can have an individual link with them once u sign up. so I was going to do something similar to what you said.
but what issues would occur from me doing that?

you can do that with stripe link and webhook

yes but the payment won’t go to the individual person or business that would be selling the product or service

I was just going to make a tab so each user can input their own payment link

It will go, users… all they need is to get their own stripe API key…
I did a few eCommerce apps with multiple sellers… here is a demo sample:

how would I do that do you mind sharing a video or example with me

It is complicated, i don’t have video for that… but i have template almost ready, it will be for sale maybe 3 to 4 days…
With calculating shipping rates and double booking protection and custom link expiration time… plus google sheets sales canformation, plus direct stripe connection with no extra fees from third parties… custom buy button

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ok great I would like to get a copy when it’s finished

It won’t be cheap… :wink:
Ill let you know when is ready… it will come with 1 hour installation assistance over zoom

You won’t know when there is a payment, so you likely won’t be able to charge your fee per transaction.