Button with 2 actions

I need a simple solution for a difficult problem. :slight_smile: Something like a button would be perfect!

Please read these few lines to get the context…
Basically I’m trying to make an employee directory.
Users log in with theirs (whitelisted) e-mails… The app gives them some basic info: where their colleagues work, their work e-mails, phones etc…
there is also their clleagues private data like personal phone numbers, private e-mails, … which souldn’t be visible on “initial data card” but only if someone presses a button.
after pressing the button another card with private datas opens AND the system logs the e-mail of a user who pressed the button, so the user whose data is exposed can see when was his/hers personal card opened and by whom.

Is there a way to make this work? Please help! :slight_smile:

right now the only way to get the current user email is true form or editing
so you create a form button with a special value which is current user email and a check box
so when the user submits make the private info only visible if the checkbox is true
so you can relate the email of the person who viewed

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This was quick! Thanx! :slight_smile:
I was considering using forms to solve this issue BUT forms are preformated and submit button is almost hidden (for my typical user - older doctors and nurses). Another problem is that submit button can not be translated or renamed… :frowning:


i too wish we can rename submit

Would you like to create a second login page for this private users emails, like an admin or manager?