Button to display a whole answer instead of the 5 first letters


I need some help, regarding a feature. I don’t even know if it’s possible.
I have a page which display answers. As you can see on the screenshot, each answer has 5 fields :

  • date
  • reliability
  • name of the spot
  • how to go to the spot
  • comments

I would like to display only the 5 first letters of each fields, and if the user decides to click on “Display the information” it shows the whole answer for each field.
Do you know a way to do this ? Or something close ?

Thank you very much!

  • Use the Truncate Text column to create 5 shortened versions of your data fields
  • Use those columns in your Fields component
  • Add a second Fields component with the longer values
  • Configure your button so that it toggles the value of a User Specific Boolean column:
    – If it’s checked, clear it
    – Else if it’s not checked, set it to true
  • Now configure opposite visibility conditions on your two Fields components:
    – One should be visible when the User Specific Column is checked
    – The other should be visible when it is not checked

thank you very very much Darren :slight_smile:

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