Button connect different sheet

it is possible to have this kind of button.
I have some idea to use the inline list.
But I need it to be navigate different sheet of course, that’s the first thing.
Also, the grid I need to be smaller.
When I try using card or grid, it can be up to 4 in a row. It is possible to make up to 8 or 6?

You can do that using a custom action with a conditional branch for each list item:

  • If item 1, go to tab A
  • If item 2, go to tab B
  • If item 3, go to tab C
  • etc…

No, 4 is the maximum without getting into CSS, which I would advise against.

For the icons, maybe you could use hero icons?


I see . . Page also not advisable for using CSS?

@Uzo , can I know , is your CODE BOOK (Code BOOK) not applicable to Glide Page?

No, My Unlimited Users is :wink: but I can’t share it here… they will kick me out again, lol
only for my paid customers… outside Glide community


In Pages you have other options. For example, a Button Block using tiles style will get close to what you want…

CleanShot 2023-02-17 at 11.17.32@2x

Button block cannot use Hero Icon right ? or any other ways? Icon was limited

You get a choice between a new Glide icon library, plus all the legacy ones that were previously available. But no, you cannot use Hero icons or create your own.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy !

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