Button Action - Go To Tab - Create and Select Record

Is it possible to have an action navigate to a specific record? specific record in a foreign tab?

Seems really basic but I am stumped.

I’m working on an app for which address validation is critical. Given that this is not possible within a form screen, a form container, or when editing a record within a collection edit screen

My plan of attack was to create buttons to navigate to another tab that is a custom form attached to a in-process table. That custom form with address validation in it would have a button action that committed the record to the main table and then deleted the temporary record in the in-process table.

Shoutouts to @Darren_Murphy and @Robert_Petitto whose videos and posts have been great and very useful for custom forms and address validation. Became a paid subscriber today.

Yes, as long as you have a relation/single value column that points to the other table’s record, then you should be able to show that related record’s details view.


In more complex scenarios, I’ve used this trick often:

Thank you both.

I don’t desire to retain the original data in its initial table so I guess I need a temporary relation to capture this data before clearing the column values.

On an Action > Add Row - is there a way to query the new foreign record’s Row ID or URL within an action? Seems like something that should be there?

Guessing I’ll have to do something like this unless I am missing something:

  • Custom form “New Task” click submit button
  • Action > Add Row in foreign table “Tasks”
  • Navigate to URL of new record in foreign table “Tasks” via a relation/lookup similar to your video but opposite perspective
  • Clear Column Values in Custom Form “New Task” (breaking relation)
  • Navigate to Record in foreign table “Tasks”

Take @Darren_Alderman video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Uxh71wJVhQ instead of landing on the “Thank You” container in the form I want to navigate to the record created in the “Form Submissions” table.

Unfortunately, no. I’ve requested this feature a few times though. Not sure if it’s been made into a formal request here in the forums. I agree that it’s a much needed feature.


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If you’re using a form screen, the I submit action is the way to go. If you’re using a custom form with an add row, there’s no way to do this without a relation UNLESS, you first add a Unique ID to the helper table, send that value to the child table, create a relation between the two, and add a show details screen of the relation.

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I was wayyyy overthinking this but I certainly learned a lot about glide…

Custom form “New Task” submit button
Add row to foreign table “Tasks”
Go to Screen using relationship to Tasks
Set Column Values in table “New Task” to null via clear
Set Column Values in “Tasks” column in field holding the rowID of it the row that created it within “New Task”

Custom Form creates row in foreign table
User is navigated to new task in tasks table created via custom form
Custom Form is cleared
Temporary relationship to allow navigation is cleared

I think what got me way off in the weeds was that Glide itself under the hood is creating a temporary relationship when it executes the Add Row action in a foreign table but Glide doesn’t allow you to capture that new Row ID. The concept that I had to create a relationship within the tables myself and then clear it was not obvious.

Case in point to walk away when you get frustrated and revisit with fresh eyes. Also, never be afraid to ask for help and make yourself look silly.

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@Robert_Petitto haha.

I’m just a beginner a couple of weeks into Glide (past experience in the Filemaker, CrystalReports, and Qlik realms) but already going so far into the weeds I’m generating feature requests via an expert. :rofl:

Welcome to the community! It’s a great place to learn and find support!

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