Bulk data in 1 table or better to split them

This question is for gurus so we have a table with 10K rows, which is better to put them all in one table or split them into 5000 into 2 tables and connect them with the relation?

My question is with regards to the performance of the application when it loads

UPDATE: We are using only Glide Tables

I generally try to avoid splitting a single table into multiple tables. The only time I have done it is when the data is highly transactional - eg. many new rows are being added on a daily basis.

In such cases, what I have done is split it into 2 (and sometimes 3) tables.
The first table will contain the newest records - maybe the past 7 days of data.
The second table will contain data going back maybe another 30 days.
And the third table will be an archive of all the older data, and I generally don’t use this table in the app.

The problem with splitting a single table into multiple tables is that whenever you have to produce a report/chart/export that needs data from from two or more of those tables it gets quite tricky. A simple relation isn’t good enough. Essentially you need to filter the records that you need from each table and then temporarily join them together in a separate working table. I’ve done it (in Glide Tables), but it’s not a simple exercise.

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