Building services company 🛠

Hey all :wave:t3:

I was a bit busy since my last one. The news? I’ve been doing A LOT OF APPS! Thanks glide! This means I’ll be showing some of my new babies lol

That’s a contracted app I had the pleasure to create the logo and the app.

Building services company :department_store::hammer_and_wrench:

Untitled_ Apr 24, 2020 9_12 PM


Now a GIF that we can see!


How did you figure out the GIFs? Whats the secret?

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Thanks @Robert_Petitto. That’s the secret…

lol And Screencastify also helped :smile:


I heard Loom is also good…though the GIF export process is a bit trickier…

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I just downloaded OBS Studio

I feel it‘s smoother and not so heavy