Building in glide pages with glide data only - yes/no? why?

So I want to build for my company a CRM from scratch that will be super flexible and fast.
I’m thinking to do this all in glide without google sheets but I have 2 concerns:

  1. how to connect to external tools to update data within my data base. I’ve been away for few month so not sure if this is an option now?
  2. how strong are the new columns and can they be used to really replace all the functionality of google sheets?

I’m also considering to do this on Pages and not the app and have many things missing that I’m used to from the apps so any thoughts on that would be great :slight_smile:

would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Assuming that you’ll be using a Pro App, we now have the Glide API available. So it’s relatively easy to push data directly to Glide, or update existing data using something like Integromat.

Also, we can now add a Google Sheet to a project that was started with Glide tables only. So that’s no longer a concern.

You mean computed columns vs sheet formulas?
Speaking for myself, I almost never use sheet formulas. It’s very rare that I find that I can’t do something with computed columns that I would have previously done with sheet formulas.

In terms of pages vs apps… I’ve only recently started working with pages. In general I like them, but they are missing some features/components that we kind of take for granted with apps. Although I expect that these (or similar) features will be added over time.

Personally, I think the main decision driver in pages vs apps should be the end user demographics. If most of your users will be on desktop, then use pages. But if most of your users will be on mobile, then use apps.

oh… and welcome back. We missed you :slight_smile:


Thank you brother, missed being here as well :smiley:
I didn’t know we now have an API, where can I see the documentation? How can I get access to see it? We already have a pro app so would love to test it.

There’s a pretty good tutorial from @darren included in the docs.


Hey @yinon_raviv

Just FYI we recently built a pretty functional CRM using Pages and Glide Tables. It works really well and I think you’ll be happy with what you can produce. I would say that the only things causing us a minor issue were:

  • Inability to “group” lists of data (so you have to work around with multiple collections)
  • Information density is a bit too low (we used collections in table view but still struggled)

We also use the Glide API to add data from an external source and that works perfectly. Overall it’s a snappy and pretty impressive combo.



Would love to take a look if possible

Tricky I’m afraid because it’s a customer’s with their data. But I can always try to help if you have any queries. Apologies.

There’s nothing special, just wanted to see the API but will figure it out brother

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Another gem from @Robert_Petitto


You’ll get it in about 10 mins @yinon_raviv :muscle: